Monday, November 12, 2012

Home baked Dougnuts...

Hello there... Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine was very relaxing... (and I like it that way).

  Do I have a deliciously awesome recipe for you! (just click at bottom of this post)

As I searched and searched for almost 2 years to find myself a Doughnut Pan fit for the oven...
Suddenly there it was and of course I could not help myself and immediately start using it.

These are sooooo delicious!
You have to hurry up though if you want to take the pictures before the kids get to eat them all...
These won't last and they are so fun to decorate with the kids.

And to top it off!
They are much healthier than store bought!

I found my doughnut pan at Joann's and used a 40% off coupon towards it. (always helps)
These pans are also available at Williams and Sonoma but are a tad bit priced higher... (and no coupon)
So for me it was definitely worth the wait.

I would love to hear your excitement when you give these a try!
They are so easy to bake... And you will receive the "best Mom in the world Award!" At least until you tell them to clean up their room!

Okay, I am off to share this with Lisa... Shine your Light Mangia Monday's



For the recipe:
just double click here:

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Loving Tassels... ~ DIY for you

Hello there! Hope you are doing well...
The weather here is beautiful so I am happy and we are already half way through the week!

So... for many years I have had a weakness for tassels.
I will have them everywhere...
On doors, table lamps, cabinets or laying on a desk and even hanging from a mirror.
Wherever I like them I will have one.

Still, they can come with a "price tag"

Most of my tassels disappeared throughout the years...
As my family grew the tassels would just... hide? Leave? Break?  

Also my style for certain things had changed over time...
So I decided to make my own tassels.

And I am over the moon by how they turned out!

A tad bit Shabby Chic raw wood colors and lots of white on white tones...

Want to see and follow along how to make these?
It is actually very easy and you will be so happy when you are done!
So this is how I made mine...

Grab a cup of tea or hot coffee - don't sip on it too much you will need some for later....

  I gathered all kinds of ribbons in velvet, satin and tore some white fabric in strips.  (this is when you will love that you keep scraps and are a pack rat).

(You need to tear the fabric to get the gorgeous frayed edges)
I cut them at about  30"
Here comes your cup of tea into it...
My white cotton strips I dipped into my cup of Black Tea - I wanted to achieve that old world, antique look...  - Do not rinse and let dry
 (I laid the strips outside to dry faster)
 When dry add the strips to the bunch of other fabric and ribbons you have cut off... 

I also decided to add some tulle and velvet ribbons...

(If you want the bead on top make sure that the actual string you pull through the spool and wheel is not to thick to go through the bead also)

You can add as much or as little as your heart desires...
I added 3 big Chrystal beads at the ends of some of the thinner strands... 
I prefer the less makes more rule!

And you are done!

c'est Voila!

This is so Me!

I would love to hear how yours turned out!
I hung one in my workspace and one aside the mirror above my bed - It looks very nice there and was exactly what the mirror needed. 
The colors are very soothing to me...
Since they are so soft and blend so nice with each other

Some well deserved bling and little bit of Shabby Chicness with a touch of Vintage raw unfinished wood and Antique lace! 

These would also make lovely gifts. Think... birthdays, weddings, party favors, baby showers, Christmas... Or just Because...

Enjoy the rest of the week and make some tassels!


P.s. you can find the spools and wheels at a Hobby Lobby, Joann's or other craft store... (2.99 for 6 spools and 1.99 for a bag of 10+ wheels) I picked the biggest size spools available.
The ribbons and such I have collected over time and are also little leftovers from sewing clothing and such. This is when collecting pays off!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ready for the weekend - and a pancake recipe!

Hello Everyone!

Well, I have been up to a lot this week, but I guess I am working faster then my camera and I can keep up with.
So I am running behind on taking the photo's for me to use in my posts. And I have so much that I love to share here...
Also, I am still not completely used to teaching two boys for school too. Yikes... What I guess am trying to say is.... Time just flies by way too fast.

So this morning when my wee ones wanted some breakfast I noticed we had run out of bread. And the bread machine takes 2 hours on a loaf, way too long for a grumpy little tummy.

So pancakes it is!

I looked in the fridge and noticed no yoghurt, or buttermilk.

So how did I get such nice pancakes "sans" milk, buttermilk or yoghurt?

I have done it before - using sour cream instead of buttermilk or yoghurt, this morning they turned out great again and I decided that I just had to share this recipe with you all!

What you need:

(yields about 14 pancakes)
2 cups of white flour
2 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. baking soda
2 egss
1 cup of sour cream
2 cups of water

Mix all dry ingredients together first.
Add eggs, sour cream and water.
Use a wire whisk to mix it all together (but do not over mix till smooth - some lumps are normal)

And now here is the trick to get the nice fluffy/thick pancakes...
Let the batter sit for about 5 - 10 minutes. (This way the baking soda and baking powder can actually do their work)

I like to use butter (no oil) for my griddle and start baking the pancakes.
When the air bubbles appear on top of the pancake it is a sign to flip them.

And Voila!

Enjoy your sour cream pancakes!

Blessing to you...
And have a delightfully good weekend!


Friday, September 21, 2012

My sweetest Model...

So... I have been making some more accessories.
Nice long chains and only a few charms on each.
Basic, yet classic and stylish.

A little mirror, a rose cabochon, a pretty prism an added strand of pearls. I added a strand of lace too, I like to combine the dainty with the rough and tough.
Lately I also like to add a swivel clasp to change the charm from time to time.
Yes, I love versatility...

 When Keturah saw the new accessories, she immediately became my enthusiastic and most willful model.
I think she said she likes the little mirror the most...
Hmmmm I wonder why?

Thank God for little girls!

Wishing you a delightful weekend!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Print - Romantic Homes Magazine

Last week I noticed while flying quickly through the pages of the Romantic Homes September issue that I was featured!
This blog here, yes this one, was featured again!
I had a double whammy of exposure!

Last week I had other things on my mind so I felt that this could wait...
So... go to page 10! And there it is!

I love love love it...
And of course not to forget a big thank you to Beth Livesay she is the scout behind finding our blogs and giving us bloggers the extra attention that puts us on cloud nine!

Last week I stopped at the cutest little quilt shop in town!
The first one I pass when I get at the bottom of the mountain...
It is called the Temecula Quilt Co.
The owner only carries Old War quilt fabrics...
So when you are looking for something with old, natural colors as in pretty browns and reds that is where to go!
For those of you that love quilting or just sewing it is perfect eye candy!

I did pick some fabric - Not that I needed any...
But it was to stretch my creative juices even further... 
To be inspired by something new...
Not something that had been sitting in my stash for a while.
Well, and honestly I don't or hardly have any purple's so when I saw this one I took half a yard...
When you are a tiny, little, petite girl, half a yard is all you need to make an adorable little skirt.

The one on the top is the "Civil War Ladies By Judy Rothermel"
The one on the bottom is from "Cranston Village" and I had that one already for several years... just never found the right fabric to go with it until now...

Got to hurry because it is almost "Back to School".
 And then my sewing will be on the back burner for a little while...
Hummm???? I will be making a cute little wrap around skirt for her with these...

Well, it just started raining here, actually it is pouring...
Time to grab a cup of hot tea... and enjoy this pour down!
Has it finally cooled off where you are?

With Love...


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summery skirts... And Autumn dresses!

Hi there!
So, I am a tad bit confused here...
With temps rising up into the high 90's!
I am making sketches for outfits, dresses, skirts for the fall for my little one!
I just know that once I have signed up for the Marketplace in December and with Christmas around the corner I just won't have the time to make her autumn/winter clothes.

I am having such a cute line jumping around in my head for her.
So I better get sewin'!
I am talking raincoats with a ruffle, blingy rainboots, the cutest dresses, hair accessories, ruffled cord pants... Aaaah the possibilities are endless when you are a toddler Blessed with the cuteness factor!

I am getting ready for the Vintage Marketplace coming up in September!
Going through all the gorgeous skirts that I will be having in my booth.
Do I sound a little bias?
Guess I am... ;D

Well, this is one of them!
This skirt was actually featured in the Parisienne Farmgirl magazine Summer edition.
I just took some new photo's of it this morning and here she is...

And here is the first dress that I worked on for autumn for my little girl!
I made two already... one is for her!

Keturah loves the dresses I make and every single one I make she always thinks they are for her!
Yep, she is spoiled, she has her own designer/seamstress!

I used the Treetop Gossip Fancy Eggplant from one of my favorite fabric designers Tina Givens.
Her fabric is very whimsy and very fun to work with. And absolutely not boring!
The garment just comes to life and laughs a little while I work with it.
And all little girls and big girls mothers alike love her line of gorgeous fabrics.
I had ordered gazillions and caboodles of yardage of Tina Givens and waited for the right dress to come to mind to start whipping something up.
Living in So Cal... the temperatures can still be very nice even when it there is a chill in the air in other states.
So I loved using the peasant look/style with elastic in the neckline and elastic at the arms!

Made to come down to her ankles! So she can grow with it longer and even wear it with boots!
Too cute!
Especially since this dress comes with a head/hairband...
Little roses made with the same fabric, felt and crochet flowers adorn this little head band.
And will make this frock a one of a kind!

Sorry I have no photo with the little model in it, I have to keep this one hidden in the closet till Fall!
Once she wears it she just won't take it off!

Are you ready for Fall?
Or are you just happy that the weather is still warm?

Hope to be back tomorrow, with or without a heat pack on my aching neck/back!
Thank you all for your encouraging e-mails. They all mean so much to me and keep my spirit up!

Oh, and before I forget!
The Cowgirl Western style skirt with lots of lace (shown above) is now available in my Etsy shop!
Just click on the link here or here! And it will take you right to my Etsy shop!

Oh, and I am on something new!
Made it already a while ago...
"Inspired" by a gorgeous hair clip I saw on Pinterest...
I came up with this one.

Have a lovely Summer day!

Blessings for the day!


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Delicious Homemade Jam from our kitchen!

So somewhere last week - I believe it was Friday!
I got up early stretched and pulled a muscle!
I was on bed rest the whole day...
Trying to find a way to lay down without the pain...
I was stuck in positions constantly and had to "ask" for whatever I needed.
Even blogging was a "NO  GO!" I am still in a bit of pain... 
But, I just had to stop in and say hi to you all!

Now let's get to what I was up to until I was down!

I did get to finish my chalkboard, but taking some photo's to show it off I do not have yet!
Complain to my painful back!
We also worked on putting in more seeds for our wildflower garden...
All our little sprouts got eaten by rodents so we are challenging them
with new seeds and some remedies!
Our porch is truly looking prettier and prettier...
Give me a shout if it seems I am about to forget to share it here!

Well, last week I visited at Julia's blog a Blissfully Content Life! And was totally in awe of her Jam recipe!
You can find it on her blog how to make your own Jam without the Pectin!
I had seen it on there before and had wanted to give it a go... 
But I truly feel intimidated and a bit scared of canning!
Then I came upon the part that said you can also freeze the jam!
And so that same evening I did.
I took all the strawberries I still had, added a grated apple and the honey, but something was missing!
When I checked Julia's post again I realized I forgot the Lemon!
Well, everything was already in the pan, so no return!

I had it on simmer for about 1,5 hours (because it just would not thicken!)
Then I took the lid off (and prayed that the ants would not get into it - we are having horrid ant issues here)

After 15 min. my jam had gotten super thick!

The next day Tyishia wanted to bake her Biscuits for us! I have to add though that she's got the recipe down pretty good!
She makes some awesome biscuits - Southern style!
Flaky, layered everything!

Together we decided to set up a pretty tablescape with linens, napkins, roses, tea, biscuits and our freshly homemade jam!
This time I pulled out my blue and white wares... 

I baked a cranberry bread... Can you just smell it?
It truly is divine to have your home smell like freshly baked bread...

I wrapped the bread in a special dish towel that I bought a long time ago in Holland!
These are my favorite and I don't use them to dry any dishes.
I love the bright woven red letters that say "Fris Wit" which means Bright white/Fresh white

I made some more yesterday! Again without the lemon (hey it worked the first time so why not?)
I would love to make a 5 berry jam... Or a cherry jam.
Hmmmm applesauce maybe?

Have you ever made jam before? And did you can it or freeze it?

Well, I hope I will get rid of this back pain (it is a pain that pulls towards the neck!)
And is becoming a real pain in the neck LOL.
We have a lot on our to do list... It is my little girls' third birthday on the 9th!
I am talking sewing a birthday dress, bake, and make her some little people for her doll house!
She has a dollhouse that has been vacant for a while now, and is in
serious need of a nice family to move in!

Have  Blessed day!


sharing this post with
Lisa at Mangia Monday - Shine your Light!
Bernideen -  Tea in the Garden

Recipe for Homebaked bread:
click on the read more below...

Monday, July 16, 2012

In Print - Romantic Homes feature

At my very first Vintage Marketplace show in Rainbow Ca. (March)
I had the privilege to meet Jacqueline deMontravel 
the editor in Chief of Romantic Homes.
She fell totally in love with the 
Butterfly mobiles* that I had displayed in my booth.
(You can read about them in this post Butterfly mobiles)

And Oh my! There it was on page 85!
While staring in total awe of my little story next to the photo...
It brought me back to a lovely visit of a truly genuine sweet person.
Thank you Romantic Homes for this delightful feature!


Please note:

 *Even though I gave my own version of the Butterfly mobiles
Source and inspiration of these mobiles/chandeliers came from
Stef and she was inpired by April 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Delicious Pears on Syrup... ~ recipe

Hello there! If your new, welcome to my blog! where I share everything that is totally me... from sewing to food... From diapers to crafts with the kids!
So... Are you one of those that uses the crock pot only during the winter months?(like I do...)

Well dear, with this delicious recipe you will love to bring it out in the summer!
You will leave your company in total awe, thinking you have been in the kitchen all day!
(Isn't that what we want? - with a whispering voice)
Shhh - don't tell anyone! 

What you need:

1 Crock pot
Very Hard Pears - I used d'Anjou pears
Red Grape juice
Vanilla ice cream - optional
Raisins - optional

*It is important that the pears are not ripe!


Peel your Pears.
Cut them in halves length wise.
Remove the cores/centers.
Put pears in crock pot. Add the Red Grape juice and pour enough to almost cover the pears.
Add raisins.
Add 1 - 2 tablespoons of honey/agave. (depending on your own sweet tooth)
Set crock pot on low setting and allow your pears to stew on low for 20 hours.
(You may turn it off during the night or set to warm)
It does not need to be kept in the fridge since the pears are preserved in a super sweet juice.
It will not go bad overnight.

Your Pears are done when they are extremely dark almost purple!
*And soft when you push a fork into them. 

Best served when warm with Vanilla Icecream!

Dress up your table gather your friends and enjoy!

I will be deliciously sharing this with Lisa at Mangia Monday's Shine Your Light,
Delightfully Dowling ,
and Emily on "Tasty Tuesday Linky Party - Naptime Creations - Tasty Tuesday"


Have any leftovers?
These pears are great for canning too.
I keep them in a Canning jar for up to 10 days in a fridge.
For your safety:
Want to keep them longer follow your own canning instructions.

Make it a lovely week!



Monday, May 14, 2012

Ooooh La La - delicious - Linguine with Yoghurt Lemon sauce

So... How was your Mothers day? Did you get comfortably pampered?

I received me some lovely flowers!
It was a huge bunch and I spread bunches in several canning jars and spread them all over our home!
It gives it the feeling that we had been picking wild flowers!
(Mr. Brown would do that for me though if we would have them) 

I was on cloud nine when my new super duper Tamron 70 - 300 mm Macro/Telelens Di came in and it is like having a new camera! I had been struggling with a non-digital lens on a digital body. 
Since about a month ago my camera's body said no more! 
This new lens is silent as a whisper, faster and compatible! 

Yesterday while at church we could hear several husband joking how their wives would be barbecu-ing for the family!
Guess, it does not sound so nice at the moment, but if you were there you would have cracked up!
Since I am not good at the barbecue I was lucky!
Call me lame whatever! That huge thing with the flames raving just scares the living daylights out of me.
Feeling a lot more comfortable at the stove in my comfy kitchen AC running you name it that is where I feel I belong the best! 
While Mr. Brown always runs back and forth to the barbecue, he may keep the thing!

So you wonder where I am heading with all this?

With the weather getting really incredibly hot already 89F/35C... (and climbing) 
I really love me some easy peasy summer meals!
The ones you never get tired of! You don't have to stand long in the kitchen to fix this one! Promise!
But it is delicious when done and everyone will think it took you forever!
I made this one up myself! And my family loves it.
The Yoghurt I used to make the sauce gives it a very fresh summery taste combined with the herbs and added lemon juice.
It is easy to make, but everything I added is done by feel and taste! So super easy...

All you need is:
chicken filet/ground beef
linguine pasta (or other pasta)
Garlic salt
Italian kitchen herbs
green onions
some tomatoes to garnish/cherry tomatoes are fine too
lime salt (optional)
Parmesan cheese

I cooked the pasta 
prepared the ground beef
Put 3 cups of yoghurt in sauce pan and heat (do not boil). It is very important that the yoghurt does not boil!
Add your Italian herbs, garlic salt (to taste), lime salt.
Squeeze your lemons into the yoghurt. (also to taste)
Cut green onions (amount as desired) and add to sauce

When your pasta is done you pour some olive oil over the pasta (to give it the extra taste you need). And to prevent sticking.
Pour sauce over pasta 
Cut your tomatoes and garnish on dish.

est Voila!
Enjoy your meal, Bon Appetite! Eet smakelijk en geniet!

Of course I will be sharing this one with Lisa at her blog hop Party - Where she Shines her Light!
Emily came over and asked to share this at her lovely blog!
"Tasty Tuesday Linky Party - Naptime Creations - Tasty Tuesday"
Would you share with me what your favorite summer dish is? I would love to hear!

Try to enjoy your summer and don't overheat while cooking!
This week I will be showing off our new "chicks" they arrived a week ago.
And some new designs/wanna haves that will be available at the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow (2,5 weeks yikes!
And what I did with my bedroom! I have been moving and clearing out!
To get a truly lovely space that I feel so at home in!

Love and Hugs


P.s. I will also try to fix my banner, my logo got super small and I really don't know why that happened, Ooohhh so much to do so little time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gift idea ~ DIY easily

Hello Everyone! Good Morning!
Glad we are halfway down the week?
Wednesday's are always super crazy in our home. Piano lessons, Pottery, Science/Biology classes.... and in the mean time trying to run to some stores! We live about an hour away from everything that most families need - groceries and such. So when we drive to town and head down the mountain we try to get at much as needed on the one day that we are there!
And because we are most of the time so crazy busy on Wednesday's, Thursdays we are totally pooped and I quickly decided to share a cool DIY with you all!

Well, last week we wanted to give our Pottery teacher a gift for the opening of her new space/studio.

So, this is what we gave her:

We bought a great piece of wood panel from the Craft store (don't forget your coupon ;).

I still had a little bottle of Chalkboard paint (I purchased from Walmart a while back).
Sand the little rough edges... (but should basically already be very smooth to the touch - so ready to use)

I painted 3 layers on the panel and it takes about an hour for each layer to dry.
In the mean time I also painted the edge/sides with my choice of color... off white! Love the contrast there!

(Proficiat is French for Congrats! We say it in Holland a lot!)

When dry I cured the board by rubbing the chalk over the board. (read/follow instructions on the paint bottle).

The chalk board can be wiped when needed when a little bit of water and a tat bit of soap (if needed).

For gift giving wrap it nicely... we love the little bit of rough look with just using packaging paper...

While wrapping make sure you think of the person say a little prayer for the one receiving the gift... and hum 
the song of the Sound of Music -
(It will make you so happy inside  ;)

 Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on Kittens, 
Bright copper cattles and warm woolen mittens, 
Brown paper packages tied up with strings.... 
These are a few of my favorite things. 

Girls in white dresses, with blue satin sashes....
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes...
Silver white winters that meld into Spring!
 These are a few of my favorite things...

Well, and with that I wish you a wonderful Wednesday and Enjoy the day! My kids are waiting at the car - so I gots to run!