Monday, January 16, 2012

Recipe - French Onion Soup

Hello Everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! I was Blessed by being at a Tea Party. My friends' daughter turned Nine!
And I was there to take photo's. I will be sharing those with you soon. It was a darling party. It was cute, sweet, loud, and charming.
There were many ruffles, balloons, china tea cups, gifts, giggles, pickles, chocolate, strawberries.
A true delight...
Are you at home today? Having a day off? Well, we are all at home and the weather changed...
We had rain and there is a chill in the air.
Half of the family stayed in PJ's (I will not mention who all did... They'll kill me - seriously)
I can already hear them go..."MOM!?" Yelling at me.

What we like the best on these cold day's is a good old cup of soup. This one actually tastes better the second day...
One of my favorite ones is :


for 7 people I used:
4 onions
olive oil or butter
3 bouillon blocks
12 cups of water
some strands of fresh parsley
grated cheese
salt or garlic salt to once own taste

You'll need one big soup pan.
Or one crock pot.

Put water in soup pan... 
set stove on high to boil

Peel the onions
cut into thin slices

Add olive oil or butter to fry your onions add a little salt or garlic salt.

Put parsley leaves in a glass...

get your scissors and cut the parsley.
This is how I like to cut parsley.

Nice and easy...

Add Parsley to your  boiling water

Add fried onions to the water

add your bouillon...

I like to use vegetable bouillon.
You can also use beef bouillon.

When water boils put on low to simmer.
Leave on simmer for 4 hours.

est Voila!

Eet Smakelijk!


We also like to set the oven to broil
Take one slice of bread
Put the slice on the soup
Add the grated cheese to the bread (on top).
Put the soup in the oven on broil.
Leave in till cheese is brown.
Totally the best!
And tastes better than from a can.
Probably even cheaper too.
But for sure healthier.

Have a wonderful week!

I mean it!


I'll be sharing this with Lisa at Shine your Light! Mangia Monday's



Stef said...

Hi Sandy!

I LOVE LOVE french onion soup - I can't eat the bread and I can't eat bouillon, but if I ever get around to making beef broth, I think I can just make it with that instead of the water- don't you think? My family hates french onion soup, so I don't make it very often as I don't want to cook two dinners!! I'm going to try your recipe soon with beef broth substituted.

I'm excited for you and your new blog and techy help! I'll browse more soon - too much sewing to go do right now and my husband is gone with the kids - must work!


Lisa Scibilia said...

Mmmmm Sandy that sounds delicious and I can't wait to try it. I've never made French Onion Soup even though I enjoy it immensely! Thanks for sharing on Mangia Mondays!
Hope you have a wonderful week as well!

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Sandy, This onion sounds really jut about now, it's cold and a cup of this delicious soup would be perfect. Thanks for coming by and I see the ad for Vintage Marketplace on your blog, I just love going there but have a couple of questions. 1. will you be selling there? 2. Are they charging now for attending? Hugs...Lu

Julia said...

Sandy, that soup looks so good!! I love the new is so you! Congratulations on winning the lotion and soap from Anderson Family Farm. You are going to really enjoy their products:).

Have a wonderful day.


Vintage Precious said...

Oh yummy! I have to try this, it looks sooo good!

Gonny said...

Hallo Sandy, kom via lief handwerk op je blog terecht.
Wat maak je mooie dingen.

Groet, Gonny