Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day in Photo's - {Photo Friday}

Hello Everyone! How is your weekend going so far? Enjoying good weather? Or are you enjoying a little snow?
I feel so weird because the weather has been very mild lately. And it even feels as if it is already spring!

I am a day late with my Photo Friday... My Lap top is being very stubborn... it refused to go online... and guess what?! The software for my camera to download all the photo's was in the laptop.
So I had to get the desktop in my sewing/work room ready for downloading and install all the software...etc. etc.

Now with all that done... I hate to say that my baby is sick again and I am so tired!
We have a lot of late nights and broken nights because he just coughs and coughs.
For the last 2,5 months now he has been getting the one thing after the other and so are some of the other kids.
I can't help but recall a particular day 12 years ago in a grocery store in Holland while standing in line.
I had only 2 kids at that time and even with only does two it was not easy to get to the register with all that candy and little hands grabbing at it and me "patiently" saying NO! The couple standing behind me commented... "It will get better and easier with six!" Six I laughed and repeated out loud.
They had six so they talked from experience.
Never ever did I think I would be a Mum of six... No really. But, I am still waiting for it to become easier... truly. Or am I just kidding myself?

Well, even though the kiddo's have not been feeling good I did get a few things done!
And that was thanks to my oldest two that pitched in and played with the little one's while they said Go Mom! Go Sew!
And sew I did!

Well, remember this photo? (my challenge photo) (two weeks ago)
These were the items I used...

And from that came these!

Inspired by a little cutie pie I spotted at a shop on Etsy wearing a cozy pair of leg warmers, I decided to make some for my own cutie pie! (I had to fight her to wear them though - she probably thinks the weather is too warm for leg warmers!)

And then I got myself started on these!
I had been wanting to give it a try for a long time...

I am so proud that I was able to make these little shoes!
I just had to brag! (Funny enough I did make a little mistake there!) (the brown shoes are both left feet)
So I guess I just have to make a pair of right feet - to get it right! (wink)
(lol) Once I got the hang of how to make the shoes it went really easy. Since I wanted them to have a leather sole I had to practice a little and play with it, but I truly love the result! And Keturah? She loves them!

With being so busy with the wee ones and their sickies and everything else that comes with it... I did not get to work on the item for the crayons. I made some more cute little skirts... Unfortunately Keturah was in her own little mood and decided that she was not going to be a model for me/you/us this week! (lol)

So I owe you one!

Next week I will be posting another inspiring Photo Friday (where I challenge myself).

Well, I hope that inspired your creative juices a bit!

So what are you making at the moment? Anything in particular?
Have a wonderful Sunday!



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