Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The "O'Hara"


Available Here:


Loretta said...

I love it! Yes, put it on! I love the flower on the wrist too! Hugs

Rita said...

I love it, I wear black everyday but I don't follow any particular style Gothic or Victoria....Black makes you look skinnier, taller and it's great to wear at work or to a party. The skirt is magnifique. Well done Sandy. Ciao Rita

lief handwerk said...

Als ik toch een dochters had...............
De rok ziet er prachtig uit en je dochter ook. Ze is een plaatje.
I love it!!
Liefs, Ieke

romance-of-roses said...

Hi Sandy, I was thinking of you yesterday and this morning you posted on my blog, so nice to hear from you. Well I also wear lots and lots of white in summer, I just love it and love the skirt you made, yes put it up on etsy, it will sell before you know it, it's gorgeous. You are very talented. I just talked to my daughter Julie, she leaves Friday for Italy, she says hello. Blessings...your friend Lu

Anonymous said...

Love it.
Reminds me of vintage style or even nowadays traditional Spanish folklore dresses. Very pretty.
It will sell for sure.
Wishing you great times always.
XO Sigi

Lisa Scibilia said...

Sandy, your model is a beauty, that is for sure! The skirt is so romantic and lovely. You should work in the movies.....I can already envision you winning an Academy Award for Costume Design!! You are so talented, my friend!