Monday, April 16, 2012

Upstyled denim jacket for little girls


romance-of-roses said...

Hi Sandy and thank you for visiting me. My dear friend Sandy, I am so very happy for you on both counts. You are a lucky girl to have gotten in on this magazine, which I will subscribe to, it looks very interesting, can't wait to receive my first issue. Thought of you on Easter, but you know how busy one gets and sometimes we can't get to everyone that is important to us in our life, please forgive me. Blessings...Lu

Amber said...

So, so happy and excited for you Sandy! It's only the beginning, girl! Can't wait to see what you have in store. I am a subscriber so I will get to see you in "print"!
xo, Amber

Tanja said...

Hey Sandy, eerst even een bedankje voor je hele lieve reactie op mijn blog,

En dan natuurlijk een hiephiephoera voor alles wat er gebeurt in jouw leven, meis wat heerlijk allemaal voor je. Ik gun het je zo, ik geloof dat wat je geeft dat je dat altijd weer terugkrijgt.

Ik ga in rust even heerlijk met je meegenieten, en blijf je volgen, ik heb nu een beroemde zus in het buitenland ;-)

heel veel liefs

Julia said...

Sandy! I am sooo excited for you! What a wonderful are so talented I am not surprised!


romance-of-roses said...

My dear Sandy,
So happy that you decided to get a second shop. Since it's free anyway we might as well take advantage of it and it's good to keep the shops separate, that's why I got my second shop. Hope he girls are successful with their ceramics, I wish them luck. Hugs...Lu