Monday, May 14, 2012

Ooooh La La - delicious - Linguine with Yoghurt Lemon sauce

So... How was your Mothers day? Did you get comfortably pampered?

I received me some lovely flowers!
It was a huge bunch and I spread bunches in several canning jars and spread them all over our home!
It gives it the feeling that we had been picking wild flowers!
(Mr. Brown would do that for me though if we would have them) 

I was on cloud nine when my new super duper Tamron 70 - 300 mm Macro/Telelens Di came in and it is like having a new camera! I had been struggling with a non-digital lens on a digital body. 
Since about a month ago my camera's body said no more! 
This new lens is silent as a whisper, faster and compatible! 

Yesterday while at church we could hear several husband joking how their wives would be barbecu-ing for the family!
Guess, it does not sound so nice at the moment, but if you were there you would have cracked up!
Since I am not good at the barbecue I was lucky!
Call me lame whatever! That huge thing with the flames raving just scares the living daylights out of me.
Feeling a lot more comfortable at the stove in my comfy kitchen AC running you name it that is where I feel I belong the best! 
While Mr. Brown always runs back and forth to the barbecue, he may keep the thing!

So you wonder where I am heading with all this?

With the weather getting really incredibly hot already 89F/35C... (and climbing) 
I really love me some easy peasy summer meals!
The ones you never get tired of! You don't have to stand long in the kitchen to fix this one! Promise!
But it is delicious when done and everyone will think it took you forever!
I made this one up myself! And my family loves it.
The Yoghurt I used to make the sauce gives it a very fresh summery taste combined with the herbs and added lemon juice.
It is easy to make, but everything I added is done by feel and taste! So super easy...

All you need is:
chicken filet/ground beef
linguine pasta (or other pasta)
Garlic salt
Italian kitchen herbs
green onions
some tomatoes to garnish/cherry tomatoes are fine too
lime salt (optional)
Parmesan cheese

I cooked the pasta 
prepared the ground beef
Put 3 cups of yoghurt in sauce pan and heat (do not boil). It is very important that the yoghurt does not boil!
Add your Italian herbs, garlic salt (to taste), lime salt.
Squeeze your lemons into the yoghurt. (also to taste)
Cut green onions (amount as desired) and add to sauce

When your pasta is done you pour some olive oil over the pasta (to give it the extra taste you need). And to prevent sticking.
Pour sauce over pasta 
Cut your tomatoes and garnish on dish.

est Voila!
Enjoy your meal, Bon Appetite! Eet smakelijk en geniet!

Of course I will be sharing this one with Lisa at her blog hop Party - Where she Shines her Light!
Emily came over and asked to share this at her lovely blog!
"Tasty Tuesday Linky Party - Naptime Creations - Tasty Tuesday"
Would you share with me what your favorite summer dish is? I would love to hear!

Try to enjoy your summer and don't overheat while cooking!
This week I will be showing off our new "chicks" they arrived a week ago.
And some new designs/wanna haves that will be available at the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow (2,5 weeks yikes!
And what I did with my bedroom! I have been moving and clearing out!
To get a truly lovely space that I feel so at home in!

Love and Hugs


P.s. I will also try to fix my banner, my logo got super small and I really don't know why that happened, Ooohhh so much to do so little time!


Loretta said...

Hi Sandy...looks yummy and love love the flowers! Take care my friend and have a lovely evening!

Emily said...

your pasta looks amazing! Sometimes I think I could eat pasta for the rest of my life :o) Came over from Shine your light! Would love for you to link up at my food party: Tasty Tuesdays!

Emily said...

Thanks for linking up to Tasty Tuesday at Nap-Time Creations. You will be featured at this weeks party!!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Ooooh La la! Thank you so much!

How exciting!
I will be looking out for it!