Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Delicious Homemade Jam from our kitchen!

So somewhere last week - I believe it was Friday!
I got up early stretched and pulled a muscle!
I was on bed rest the whole day...
Trying to find a way to lay down without the pain...
I was stuck in positions constantly and had to "ask" for whatever I needed.
Even blogging was a "NO  GO!" I am still in a bit of pain... 
But, I just had to stop in and say hi to you all!

Now let's get to what I was up to until I was down!

I did get to finish my chalkboard, but taking some photo's to show it off I do not have yet!
Complain to my painful back!
We also worked on putting in more seeds for our wildflower garden...
All our little sprouts got eaten by rodents so we are challenging them
with new seeds and some remedies!
Our porch is truly looking prettier and prettier...
Give me a shout if it seems I am about to forget to share it here!

Well, last week I visited at Julia's blog a Blissfully Content Life! And was totally in awe of her Jam recipe!
You can find it on her blog how to make your own Jam without the Pectin!
I had seen it on there before and had wanted to give it a go... 
But I truly feel intimidated and a bit scared of canning!
Then I came upon the part that said you can also freeze the jam!
And so that same evening I did.
I took all the strawberries I still had, added a grated apple and the honey, but something was missing!
When I checked Julia's post again I realized I forgot the Lemon!
Well, everything was already in the pan, so no return!

I had it on simmer for about 1,5 hours (because it just would not thicken!)
Then I took the lid off (and prayed that the ants would not get into it - we are having horrid ant issues here)

After 15 min. my jam had gotten super thick!

The next day Tyishia wanted to bake her Biscuits for us! I have to add though that she's got the recipe down pretty good!
She makes some awesome biscuits - Southern style!
Flaky, layered everything!

Together we decided to set up a pretty tablescape with linens, napkins, roses, tea, biscuits and our freshly homemade jam!
This time I pulled out my blue and white wares... 

I baked a cranberry bread... Can you just smell it?
It truly is divine to have your home smell like freshly baked bread...

I wrapped the bread in a special dish towel that I bought a long time ago in Holland!
These are my favorite and I don't use them to dry any dishes.
I love the bright woven red letters that say "Fris Wit" which means Bright white/Fresh white

I made some more yesterday! Again without the lemon (hey it worked the first time so why not?)
I would love to make a 5 berry jam... Or a cherry jam.
Hmmmm applesauce maybe?

Have you ever made jam before? And did you can it or freeze it?

Well, I hope I will get rid of this back pain (it is a pain that pulls towards the neck!)
And is becoming a real pain in the neck LOL.
We have a lot on our to do list... It is my little girls' third birthday on the 9th!
I am talking sewing a birthday dress, bake, and make her some little people for her doll house!
She has a dollhouse that has been vacant for a while now, and is in
serious need of a nice family to move in!

Have  Blessed day!


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Recipe for Homebaked bread:
click on the read more below...
Home baked Cranberry Bread
(for bread machine)

What you need...
4 cups of white all purpose flour
2 tsp. yeast
1 handful of dried cranberries
2 tblsp. honey
1 + 6 oz. of water or milk
1 tsp. salt

Put all dry ingredients in breadmachine
Shake till ingredients are level... (we noticed this helps for good turn out)
 Pour in liquid - liquid has to be luke warm.

I can set the machine on rapid bake which takes 1 hour and 55 min.

Grab some butter and lunch meats or jam!



The Blue Farmhouse said...

Hi Sandy
Sorry to hear you've been injured:( Hope you're on the mend. I'm loving the photography and the jam looks delicious. Take care.


Bernideen said...

Would love to have you come link to
Tea In The Garden! Lovely blog!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Thank you for the invite Bernideen!
I would love to visit and link up!