Tuesday, August 21, 2012

In Print - Romantic Homes Magazine

Last week I noticed while flying quickly through the pages of the Romantic Homes September issue that I was featured!
This blog here, yes this one, was featured again!
I had a double whammy of exposure!

Last week I had other things on my mind so I felt that this could wait...
So... go to page 10! And there it is!

I love love love it...
And of course not to forget a big thank you to Beth Livesay she is the scout behind finding our blogs and giving us bloggers the extra attention that puts us on cloud nine!

Last week I stopped at the cutest little quilt shop in town!
The first one I pass when I get at the bottom of the mountain...
It is called the Temecula Quilt Co.
The owner only carries Old War quilt fabrics...
So when you are looking for something with old, natural colors as in pretty browns and reds that is where to go!
For those of you that love quilting or just sewing it is perfect eye candy!

I did pick some fabric - Not that I needed any...
But it was to stretch my creative juices even further... 
To be inspired by something new...
Not something that had been sitting in my stash for a while.
Well, and honestly I don't or hardly have any purple's so when I saw this one I took half a yard...
When you are a tiny, little, petite girl, half a yard is all you need to make an adorable little skirt.

The one on the top is the "Civil War Ladies By Judy Rothermel"
The one on the bottom is from "Cranston Village" and I had that one already for several years... just never found the right fabric to go with it until now...

Got to hurry because it is almost "Back to School".
 And then my sewing will be on the back burner for a little while...
Hummm???? I will be making a cute little wrap around skirt for her with these...

Well, it just started raining here, actually it is pouring...
Time to grab a cup of hot tea... and enjoy this pour down!
Has it finally cooled off where you are?

With Love...


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summery skirts... And Autumn dresses!

Hi there!
So, I am a tad bit confused here...
With temps rising up into the high 90's!
I am making sketches for outfits, dresses, skirts for the fall for my little one!
I just know that once I have signed up for the Marketplace in December and with Christmas around the corner I just won't have the time to make her autumn/winter clothes.

I am having such a cute line jumping around in my head for her.
So I better get sewin'!
I am talking raincoats with a ruffle, blingy rainboots, the cutest dresses, hair accessories, ruffled cord pants... Aaaah the possibilities are endless when you are a toddler Blessed with the cuteness factor!

I am getting ready for the Vintage Marketplace coming up in September!
Going through all the gorgeous skirts that I will be having in my booth.
Do I sound a little bias?
Guess I am... ;D

Well, this is one of them!
This skirt was actually featured in the Parisienne Farmgirl magazine Summer edition.
I just took some new photo's of it this morning and here she is...

And here is the first dress that I worked on for autumn for my little girl!
I made two already... one is for her!

Keturah loves the dresses I make and every single one I make she always thinks they are for her!
Yep, she is spoiled, she has her own designer/seamstress!

I used the Treetop Gossip Fancy Eggplant from one of my favorite fabric designers Tina Givens.
Her fabric is very whimsy and very fun to work with. And absolutely not boring!
The garment just comes to life and laughs a little while I work with it.
And all little girls and big girls mothers alike love her line of gorgeous fabrics.
I had ordered gazillions and caboodles of yardage of Tina Givens and waited for the right dress to come to mind to start whipping something up.
Living in So Cal... the temperatures can still be very nice even when it there is a chill in the air in other states.
So I loved using the peasant look/style with elastic in the neckline and elastic at the arms!

Made to come down to her ankles! So she can grow with it longer and even wear it with boots!
Too cute!
Especially since this dress comes with a head/hairband...
Little roses made with the same fabric, felt and crochet flowers adorn this little head band.
And will make this frock a one of a kind!

Sorry I have no photo with the little model in it, I have to keep this one hidden in the closet till Fall!
Once she wears it she just won't take it off!

Are you ready for Fall?
Or are you just happy that the weather is still warm?

Hope to be back tomorrow, with or without a heat pack on my aching neck/back!
Thank you all for your encouraging e-mails. They all mean so much to me and keep my spirit up!

Oh, and before I forget!
The Cowgirl Western style skirt with lots of lace (shown above) is now available in my Etsy shop!
Just click on the link here or here! And it will take you right to my Etsy shop!

Oh, and I am on something new!
Made it already a while ago...
"Inspired" by a gorgeous hair clip I saw on Pinterest...
I came up with this one.

Have a lovely Summer day!

Blessings for the day!