Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Loving Tassels... ~ DIY for you

Hello there! Hope you are doing well...
The weather here is beautiful so I am happy and we are already half way through the week!

So... for many years I have had a weakness for tassels.
I will have them everywhere...
On doors, table lamps, cabinets or laying on a desk and even hanging from a mirror.
Wherever I like them I will have one.

Still, they can come with a "price tag"

Most of my tassels disappeared throughout the years...
As my family grew the tassels would just... hide? Leave? Break?  

Also my style for certain things had changed over time...
So I decided to make my own tassels.

And I am over the moon by how they turned out!

A tad bit Shabby Chic raw wood colors and lots of white on white tones...

Want to see and follow along how to make these?
It is actually very easy and you will be so happy when you are done!
So this is how I made mine...

Grab a cup of tea or hot coffee - don't sip on it too much you will need some for later....

  I gathered all kinds of ribbons in velvet, satin and tore some white fabric in strips.  (this is when you will love that you keep scraps and are a pack rat).

(You need to tear the fabric to get the gorgeous frayed edges)
I cut them at about  30"
Here comes your cup of tea into it...
My white cotton strips I dipped into my cup of Black Tea - I wanted to achieve that old world, antique look...  - Do not rinse and let dry
 (I laid the strips outside to dry faster)
 When dry add the strips to the bunch of other fabric and ribbons you have cut off... 

I also decided to add some tulle and velvet ribbons...

(If you want the bead on top make sure that the actual string you pull through the spool and wheel is not to thick to go through the bead also)

You can add as much or as little as your heart desires...
I added 3 big Chrystal beads at the ends of some of the thinner strands... 
I prefer the less makes more rule!

And you are done!

c'est Voila!

This is so Me!

I would love to hear how yours turned out!
I hung one in my workspace and one aside the mirror above my bed - It looks very nice there and was exactly what the mirror needed. 
The colors are very soothing to me...
Since they are so soft and blend so nice with each other

Some well deserved bling and little bit of Shabby Chicness with a touch of Vintage raw unfinished wood and Antique lace! 

These would also make lovely gifts. Think... birthdays, weddings, party favors, baby showers, Christmas... Or just Because...

Enjoy the rest of the week and make some tassels!


P.s. you can find the spools and wheels at a Hobby Lobby, Joann's or other craft store... (2.99 for 6 spools and 1.99 for a bag of 10+ wheels) I picked the biggest size spools available.
The ribbons and such I have collected over time and are also little leftovers from sewing clothing and such. This is when collecting pays off!


Jill said...

Obviously, great minds think alike! Too funny we both had tassels on the brain today on our blogs! Thanks for stopping by!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hi Jill,
Great "creative" minds indeed! It was very funny to see another post on the same day with the subject on tassels. How often does one talk or think of Tassels!?!
Thanks for stopping by!


Alexandra Marie said...

beautiful! And I love the new blog design too! You take such lovely photographs <3 alex