Monday, November 12, 2012

Home baked Dougnuts...

Hello there... Did you have a lovely weekend? Mine was very relaxing... (and I like it that way).

  Do I have a deliciously awesome recipe for you! (just click at bottom of this post)

As I searched and searched for almost 2 years to find myself a Doughnut Pan fit for the oven...
Suddenly there it was and of course I could not help myself and immediately start using it.

These are sooooo delicious!
You have to hurry up though if you want to take the pictures before the kids get to eat them all...
These won't last and they are so fun to decorate with the kids.

And to top it off!
They are much healthier than store bought!

I found my doughnut pan at Joann's and used a 40% off coupon towards it. (always helps)
These pans are also available at Williams and Sonoma but are a tad bit priced higher... (and no coupon)
So for me it was definitely worth the wait.

I would love to hear your excitement when you give these a try!
They are so easy to bake... And you will receive the "best Mom in the world Award!" At least until you tell them to clean up their room!

Okay, I am off to share this with Lisa... Shine your Light Mangia Monday's



For the recipe:
just double click here: