Thursday, January 17, 2013

What I worked on - a Custom Prairie/Cowgirl skirt

Hi Everyone!
Yeah it is Tuesday and the week is almost to an end!
I just can't believe how fast time flies! (especially when I am good and busy designing...)
Well, a couple of weeks ago I received a custom order from a lady here in So. California.

She must be a very charming lady because she ordered a Victorian inspired (aka prairie skirt - from Etsy shoppe c'est Moi...).
And communication with her was just lovely!

Every once in a while there will be a special person out there that just falls in love with this particular skirt.
A "c'est Moi..." design

The front:

This is a double layered skirt...
...little pucks and gathers on the front.

The Back...

 And when you turn around there is a little surprise...
...lace edge at the hem. Sometimes I use antique mixed with new lace.

Last week I made this top...
I cut the bottom off of a new soft cotton t'shirt and added a voile grey fabric.
Cut of the trim of the sleeves and opened up the neckline.
I thought the cross stitch would give it a nice appeal and added shirring at the neck and sleeves.
The different hues in whites, grey's, lace, and such may not always be the first you would pick.
But as it shows here... it is a wonderful and romantic combination. 

Ladies often ask me when they purchase one of our skirts: "but what do I wear with this?"
Anything goes will be the right answer!
This time I dressed my mannequin with a vest that I customized myself.
It was once a (believe it or not "minidress" - ahum)
Cut open the front, serge, and I added lace and ruffle to finish the look and a 
crochet lace/trim to add to the touch.

 The back of this skirt has a drawstring at half-back at the waist with gives the back a nicely gathered look as if having a bustle.

The most wonderful side of this design is that the sizing is so forgiving.
This skirt grows with you (when needed) because of the straight lines and yet it hugs your curves thanks to the drawstring!
Flexible size yet very comfortable.
Mannequin is a European size 30 (X-small) and this skirt is a custom plus size.

Will look great with flats, flip flops for a beachy look.
Or "my favorite - cowboy boots"

 I would love to hear what you think of Romantic clothes and if you have any ideas for me...
...please bring it on!

Hugs and Blessings!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Staying warm in Velvet...

Hello there...
Oh boy Oh boy it is freezing cold out here!
Well not as cold maybe as in some States, but when it feels cold it feels cold right? Yes? Add ten degrees and we would still say it's cold.

Well, one of the items I have a lot of in my closet is skirts! Mostly Maxi Skirts!
You know the ones that just make you feel like a girly girl princess kind of a girl?
I favor the ones that actually sway around you when you walk...
As if I am in a dance...

But since it is so cold most skirts are just more for the warmer months...
It just does not matter how thick my socks I still am cold on my legs, but I am just not the "Long John's" type of gal! (Sorry John!)

So here is one of my girls modeling for us again... In my skirt again!
Some day I will model for yah...
Here is one of my favorite "go to skirts" at this time of year.

Customized denim jacket by c'est Moi...
Here with black lace and black Jacquard on the back...
Buttons embellished with Swarovski Crystals...

For the peasant blouse I used a soft 100% cotton with a vintage print and added black lace to the 3/4 sleeves.
When I thought it was finished I looked at it for days... something was missing... so I decided to add shirring above the waist right under the chest. (at the ribs)
Shirring gives a smocked effect but it stretches because of elastic stitched to the inside. 

The skirt is made of a stretch velvet...
And make no mistake cause it is next to impossible to correct!
The last ruffle is again a lace with velvety roses.

This whole outfit will be listed/available in my Etsy shop within 24 hrs.

But as it is...

Here my favorite...

What is your go to item in your wardrobe?

Stay warm and cozy...

 A hug,