Thursday, January 31, 2013

Romantic Army Rugged - New!

This is my inspiration photo!

To put this together:

Source of the first (inspiration photo)
Pinterest, Steampulp


NanaDiana said...

Beautiful images, Sandy. You left me a comment on my caramel recipe today. I tried to respond but you have a No Reply as an addrress. Anyway, that recipe will NOT work stovetop. It is created especially for microwave...and yes, they are a very soft, melt-in-your mouth caramel. you know you have double word verification on your blog here? You might want to take it off- blogger does a great job of screening out spam without it. It really does keep people from leaving comments.

Have a wonderful night- xo Diana

Amber said...

Girl, Your photography is amazing and your designs are gorgeous! {In addition to Diana's comment; you can still approve comments without the word verification. And it's easy to block the spam, just click where it says commenters must be registered. That'll put a stop to that since most all of spammers are Anonymous}.

Jenna Condon said...

How beautiful <3

Beth said...

The army trend is coming back for sure. I love your tough, chic look. So romantic!

Le Style said...

Super mooi!

Happy weekend!!