Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baking in a Can (DIY tutorial) - Love thy Neighbor...

Hi there, OMG... did I let some time pass by again?
I have something so fun to share!

Well... If you live in the country  like we do... it sometimes get's a bit of a challenge to make friends.
Or even to get to know your neighbors.

Don't get me wrong...
We love and enjoy living in the country...
We always have beautiful views, 
at night we can see the constellations so clearly, 
 and we rarely hear the loud music from neighbors that are again party-ing. 
But sometimes it tends to get a little lonely...

So when my kids (a few weeks ago) started chattin' through the chain link fence to a couple of kids at the other side... of course we had to introduce ourselves and we got acquainted...
Mind you that we are always a tad bit careful... 
you never know what you get yourselves into...
Lots of people choose to live in the country...
for peace and quiet and do not want to be bothered.

But, we hit it of so well that we have been getting the families together like, well, many a times since!

The mom has even helped me out with babysitting my bunch! 
Sometimes you just feel immediately that it is okay...
So when I was baking a couple of banana breads the other day I made one for my newest friend.
My neighbor...
Cause I just love my neighbor (especially a good neighbor)
And when you love the contact you have with your neighbor you need to pamper it!

I have put a little tutorial together for baking in a can..
You can read up and do this little DIY by just clicking on the read more...

Also you still have till Friday (2 more days including today) to have a chance 
on the latest issue of Altered Couture  - I was featured!
All you need to do is leave a comment on the previous post!
Now let's get to the Tute, it is a fun one.

Originally I got the idea while waiting for the doctor at urgent care watching the Food Network.
I loved it so much I thought to give it a go.
The cook herself used normal vegetable cans.
I have been collecting coffee cans (and so much more other stuff - more on that later in another tute) for quite some time and love how they have a lid to 'em

 Remove the wrapper around the can.
Pick a favorite Banana bread recipe or other bread/cake recipe you like.
Prepare the bread/cake ingredients.

Butter your can.
I used a special brush to get the butter spread nice and easy in the can.
Have fun and smile while you do it and think of your friend/neighbor!

I filled the can with the batter till the can is about 3/4 full.
(Do not fill to brim you need the extra space for rising!)
If needed make more cake batter and fill up another can or put the left overs in a muffin pan.

While it is in the oven...
Prepare a pretty strip of paper, grab some ribbons (I love tulle and have lots of it!)

When the can is completely cooled off I decorated it!
I used a tiny wood star chalkboard clip to leave a little message...
Since the cake rose out of the can I pushed the lid on the bottom of the can for later use.
 I think it turned out pretty!
And it was so much fun to make and prepare...

Later my neighbor, my new friend told me that she loved the Banana Bread!

By taking off the edge on the inside of the can you can get the cake/bread out when baked...
By buttering the can, the batter will not stick and the bread will be easy to tip out of the can when done.
Also... by using a can that has a lid you or the recipient 
can put a lid on the can while keeping the bread fresh.


I also made two for my SweetHeart!
(of course I kept them aluminum looking on the outside and did not pretty it up :)
I filled his up half way with batter (so it would not rise out of the can) 
and when cooled off I put the lid on it and it was ready for him to take to work - Guess what?
He loved it...

And... I knew he would (wink)




NanaDiana said...

Well, that is a really, really cute idea and your presentation is wonderful! Hope you had a wonderful week so far- xo Diana

Amber said...

What a great idea! Just might have to try this. :)

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Nothing like a good neighbor and friend. I'm sure that she has found the exact same qualities in you.:)