Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back with Black... - a Princess Top

Hello Everyone...
Well, I am procrastinating as always and have been so super hooked to putting new garments together for this year... Yes, my Etsy is filling up - finally I got that going at a speed that I can handle and are pleased with.
But with that said...
Something has got to give, and I noticed
that I am not updating my blog as often as I would want to.
So... that means "Make-Up time".
"Give-Away time".
More on that in a bit...  

But we also have a date coming up again soon. 
No not with the hubby - I wish!
The Vintage Marketplace is right around the corner and "I gots" to be so ready!
And with around the corner I'm saying, May 31st and June 1st!
Yes! Again...
in Rainbow! 

And here a sneak peak of what you will find...
At our booth!
We are going totally 
Cowgirl and super Romantic!
and a tad bit Vintage... 

Oh before I forget,
we ordered our hats on time...
And they are already in.
So I guess, I did not procrastinate that bad!
And they are gorgeous!

Even though it was freezing cold (cause I like to do shoots when the Sun sets)
And she (Cheyenne) had a cough... 
(that she took with her from the Philippines)
But, hey didn't the pics. turn out gorgeous?
If I may say so myself...
Love it!

Princess top is available in Black Shantung.
Super easy in care... (Love that)
Has elastic at the neck and shoulders to get that super 
Romantic, Flirty, Girly on or off the shoulder look.
I have one and wear it with my favorite Levi's!

You will find this listed within 24 hours on my Etsy shoppe!
Just click on the link in my side bar.

Stay tuned...
I will be giving more sneak peaks...
Told you we have been busy here.
a wonderful Give-Away is coming up!
One you do not want to miss.
One that is not too "Shabby"
(there is a hint hidden there...
get it "Shabby"
Hope you love Apples)
Enough said lol 

Now I just wish I had a horse...

your way



Alexandra Marie said...

Shabby Apple! yea! haha- can't wait. And beautiful work- the blouse looks beautiful <3 Alex

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hey Alexandra, LOL, you are just too funny!
Love yah!

Loretta said...

Beautiful job... the blouse is very nice and pretty. I always love your creations! XO Loretta

Tina AtWhatWeKeep said...

You are so right...absolutely gorgeous photos of a beautiful girl!

The Blue Farmhouse said...

I'll say it again and a thousand times more...that beautiful model makes everything look good! And your photos are great Sandy. Good lunch on your upcoming shows. You can do it!!!


cestMoi Sandy said...

Aaaahhhh you gals are too sweet!