Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Work Space...

Hello Everyone!
How is your day going so far?
Mine is going well especially since I love Wednesday's...
It is the halfway through the week mark...

I have always wanted a big kitchen... 
One that you can basically live in.
And also functions almost as a gathering room.
I am a kitchen person so I love to sit in the kitchen at our big farm table and have the amenities of being
near the fridge, stove and pantry.
So I can serve the kiddo's without having to go too far and catch all the spills while we are at it.

One of my wishes for having near my kitchen is the garage attached to it.
I thought it would be so nice to just drive the car in and that way immediately carry my groceries in.

Well, as my sewing hobby grew and grew... 
I basically needed a whole room just for my "stuff".
So hubby decided that I should take the garage.
We would share the garage.
His work on the one side mine on the other.
Well, that never happened... I quickly and systematically took over almost the whole two car garage.

Yesterday I had a friend over and she had her lovely children with her as well.
The oldest is a girl that is a curious pre-teen/tween.
She peeked into the garage and was in total awe.
I quickly said that that was my messy work space... (oops - did I feel caught)
And as her eyes widened and her mouth was wide open she said... "wow this room is so pretty, the colors, so lovely and it makes me feel happy".

I have often wondered what someone's work space looked like.
And would love to take a peek behind the scenes.

Here it is...

I took the pictures exactly as the space is today, (I did not hide the messes for you...)
and what you see when you open the door in my kitchen.

One of the favorite chandeliers hanging above the big sewing table.
The Chandelier I found at a thrift store and was only a few dollars.
I painted it with chalk paint and the rust happened instantly 
while painting.
From then on I knew I wanted to keep this one.
My sewing table is about 7 feet long.
The hubby made it for me.
It houses a cricket machine and sewing machines.
Computer and a mirror.

 I don't always have roses in my space...
But the hubby gave these to me last week, paired with a huge box of chocolates.
The chocolates are gone... (they were so good!)
But the roses would not have survived (since Micaiah constantly tries to pull all its petals off).
So I decided to put them close to my sewing machines.
And that way added some beauty and inspiration to my space.
I actually get to enjoy them longer since I do not have a lot of sun light coming in - which is bad for the fabric

This gorgeous fabric is a taffeta with embroidered gold fleurs de lis on it.
draped over the bolt is a rhinestone belt...
I am still not sure what to do with this fabric... 
But I think it is pretty for some added glam to my table.

These are my mood boards...
They are right there above my machines.
If you look closely you can actually get to know me a little better...
To not loose my postage stamps I tuck them on the board... 
(they are the wedding stamps - for the romantic in me :).
You will find buckles...
pretty pins...
article clippings of cowgirl boots and pieces of fabric...
and a photo of a model in "my wedding gown".
a Cross... 
(to always work with my Savior in mind and remember where the ideas really come from)
a sweet Bible verse given by a friend...
And so much more.

Oh, this is the lady that I share the space with.
Yesterday I tossed another blouse resting on her.
I do have that at times...
...that I just pile things onto her to hold things for me.
I dress her up and down almost every day.
Here she is wearing a crinoline/wedding petticoat
And the latest top that I just finished in the last 24 hours.

I have angel wings and cowboy hats. Added nostalgia...
And here (above) you see some of the newest tops that I made.
Phew... I made more then I thought. lol

My Machines...
Where would I be without them?
My serger is the beast.
An awesome must have in a working sewing space.

Actually there is more in the space but then I would be overloading you with photo's
I still have a huge drawing/cutting table and a dresser with drawers for all the lace and ribbons that I collect.
There is also another chandelier. Actually there are 3 in this space.
I love pretty things around me...
They make me happy and inspire and help when I am working.
The chandeliers reflect a happy light.

There are also 2 armoirs in my room where I hang all the garments when they are finished and ready for the online shoppe or to go with me to the next Vintage Marketplace.
There are two big racks filled with containers full of luxury fabrics and pretty papers,
 to protect them from dust.
All that for another post...

I hope I made you feel a little bit at home in my workspace.
All and all this is pretty awesome for me for now.
Especially when I think of where I first started with my sewing.
Just like most people, simply on the kitchen table with only one machine. 
(And I did that for several years).
Do you have a workspace or a spot that makes you feel happy and where you call the shots?
The best thing is...
When I need to quit I turn of the machines 
and just close the door behind me.

Blessings and wishing you a wonderful Day!


P.s. In case you were wondering about the Give Away...
I am aiming for this Friday - God willing.
Thanks for understanding...


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

What a beautiful and inspiring place!

The Blue Farmhouse said...

It's not the space...but the talent and you my friend definitely have "talent" and keep creating!

Valerie Cones said...

Hi Sandy! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting in a while, but I traced your blog back and everything is gorgeous as always! Praise God for this crdeative gift he's given you. It's a delight to my eyes! Wishing you and your family all the best!

Valerie Cones said...

Hi Sandy,
It's always a blessing and a delight to my eyes to see your God-given gifts in action! Love to you and your precious family!

cestMoi Sandy said...

Hey Val,
You are so sweet.
It is okay, time just flies (as always)and... you are here now. :)