Friday, August 16, 2013

For Fall a Batik hand dyed summer/Fall dress

Hello how are you? Glad it is Friday... Finally.

Well, I just could not help myself when I was flying and pinning away on Pinterest.
Several months ago I spotted this beauty.
I love, love, no LOVED IT!

My inspiration photo:

I love this! Oh my...
source: Pinterest

Maybe it was the bare feet in the sand, the ruffle at the hem, or just the color.
I do not know...
I tried to find out the designer or where to find it.
None, zip... Nothing.

So when I was shopping around for fabric and I found this gorgeous Brownish, Rusty hand dyed Indonesian Batik I was sold. Unfortunately the photo's don't do this fabric much justice because what I like the best of this fabric is the blue/aqua lines that are in it here and there.

But seeing these photo's
I can say...
even if we do not want to see the end of summer yet...
Fall, is right around the corner.

I took everything left on the bolt. 5 Yards exact! 
I took a pattern for a Peasant blouse/top and played with the pieces.
Made the body.
Took the halter top part of the pattern...
And extended the top to make the first tier of the dress.

When the dress was done... Cheyenne modeled it for me.
We decided it needed shoulder straps. (for extra support and hide unsightly bra straps)
I added some elastic inside the straps to give it that stretch and off the shoulder option.

And that did it.
The dress was well to my wishes.
Since I am not a fold over halter top kind of gal I decided to put it available in my Etsy shop.
But as soon as I can I will make a dress like this one again but than with a peasant top - all for myself.


I like how it turned out! Guess what... I used all 5 yards!

Have a wonderful weekend!



NanaDiana said...

OMGosh, Sandy- That is an absolutely GORGEOUS dress. I love it and if I were that size I would WANT it. At this age I like to keep my arms Someone is going to look beautiful in that-it's a piece of artwork. You do wonderful work- xo Diana

Mandy said...

it's gorgeous! when i loose weight i'm helping myself to one of your creations:)

The Blue Farmhouse said...

Honestly Sandy...You rock! I'm impressed and in awe of your many talents!