Thursday, August 15, 2013

What Keturah wore (a Kyoko with Obi)

Every year when it is the birthday of one of our daughters I make them a special outfit.
This year I made for Keturah (4) a Kyoko - Asian inspired dress.
I loved the Obi that goes around the waist.
Without it the Kyoko will be great as a very easy going 
baggy dress!
The pattern for this Kyoko is a design by Patty Young - ModKid
Patty Young is also a designer of gorgeous fabrics.


NanaDiana said...

Sandy- Such a beautiful family. I love her sweet outfit. You are SUCH a good Mom! I do my seams a different way...and have always called it French seaming. I sew the dress (or whatever I am making) with wrong sides together first (1/8')-and then I turn the garment inside out so the right sides are together and stitch it as I normally would. This way my seam is completely encased and never unravels and gives a finished inside, too. xo Diana

The Blue Farmhouse said...

I just have 3 things to say...the first is you my dear friend are very talented...secondly Happy Birthday Princess Keturah and thirdly...your family is GoRgeOUs!

Hope you're feeling better soon:)


Mandy said...

my daughter is 9...I'd love a peice for her:)