Monday, August 19, 2013

Suddenly I love Big Fat Bracelets! - DIY too!

Hi there, Are you enjoying your Monday! No?

Lately I have been really falling in love all over with bracelets!
The heavier the better!
The fuller even more better!
And if they make a sound while moving? Great!
And... do I have a wonderful little DIY for you right here

I went through some old Country living Magazines I came upon this easy peasy DIY and thought...
Hmmmmm I can make this!

I made this one...
All out of buttons...

I found my buttons at a wonderful shop on Etsy! 
Just type in "Brass buttons with shank" (the shank part is the most important part!)

I measured the chain to the length I needed for my wrist.
And got started...
I decided to just mix the different buttons...
I like how suddenly the gold and the silver look very rich and all compete in their own way!
Please for ease I just gave you a link Button Bracelet .

All credit go to Country Living Magazine okay?

But in the mean time...
I am happy with my Button Bracelet!

A little update:
Do you remember my last post of the gorgeous Batik dress?
Well, I just received an e-mail from a friend of mine and she could tell me that the original dress - my inspiration dress was from Victoria's Secret. 
And she actually purchased it about a couple of years ago.

Wishing you a wonderful Monday!


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NanaDiana said...

Love the chunky bracelets- I have a couple of them, too. Victoria's Secret knock off--can't get much better than that! xo Diana