Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Romantic Little Lace Skirt...

Yes... Yes... I am here.
I know that does not happen often.
How has your week been going so far?

At the moment I am dealing with a horrid cold... 
And have forced myself to stay in "my" room.
So I will have to keep it short cause my head just feels...
Oh, well.... not so good and HUgE!

Lately John has been home a lot. 
(Yes, Pray for more work... thanks)
And... when he is, he takes over schooling the kiddo's the household and I get to work the whole day through in my sewing cave.
I wanted a new design to add to my Etsy Shoppe.

I had the idea already in my mind... But halfway through the making of it I decided to change it a lot and I am so happy I did...
I think it turned out amazing.

Here in Southern Cal. it is just not really "cold" yet.
We can wear layers and add a pretty scarf or wrap, but really it is more needed in the evenings.
So... I know that it may seem a bit odd to have a skirt like this made just a couple of days ago...
The other side is... that it is just still too warm to wear winter knits and wool and such.

I really love this skirt and another one is almost finished.
It is something I do not do a lot... but I have several designs that I am working on at the moment.
Sometimes I need to start on them because otherwise my mind just goes crazy walking around with the idea's.
So I start on them... and then lay them aside for a little while.
Or... I also tend to get a love hate relationship and need to come back to them later when I love it again.

Yes, it is weird... but that is how I work the best.

My Country Romance // High Low hem - Mini // Layered Lace // Romantic // Free Size // Ready Made Ready to Ship // OOAK

Available Here:


NanaDiana said...

Get some sleep, sister! I love that skirt. You are so talented AND you make the perfect model for your own clothes. Beautiful-you are beautiful.

Praying for some work for your hubby and praying that you are over your cold soon. xo Diana

Julia C. said...

Oh so gorgeous... and you BOTH look beautiful!! You should get behind the camera more often Sandy :).

Hope you are doing well!