How a Bracelet becomes a Necklace!

This will take no more than maybe 5 to 10 minutes max!
That is how easy it is...

You will need a bracelet...

some jewelry pliers
chain of choice for necklace (I used a thin antique brass chain)(The chain on the bracelet
was a very thick chain)
and closures/locks (I used a toggle clasp (found it prettier), but I guess a lobster clasp will do too)

Pick the locks that are already on the bracelet or put new locks on the bracelet that you prefer for the necklace.

Cut the chain to desired length. Including clasps mine became 13"
Add locks on each end of the chain.
When you are done with that you will notice that the locks will close on the ends of your bracelet.
(like opposites they will fit, as long as you take the same locks for chain as bracelet)
(See photo above - at bottom right)

And Voila
Before I made the necklace:
I thought my bracelet was a bit boring...
So I added a lot and whole lot of extra charms and beads and such.
I liked to stay in the complementing colors of different whites and greens.
It matched and mixed just perfectly!
I twisted some organza ribbon around the bracelet (I used a moss green)
Tied it to the chain of the bracelet and carefully burned the ends a tad bit to prevent fraying. (which does not look good with organza).

Hope it was easy enough!
But it sure is nice to have more then one use for a bracelet!

Upstyling a simple/basic t-shirt for a little girl:

Upstyling a t-shirt

Have a dull or just simple blah t-shirt that needs some upstyling?
Or maybe you need a gift for that special someone?

Well, You will like this one...

Time 20 min.

heat and bond (sewable)
Ribbons (1,5" wide)
elastic (not wider than your ribbon (1,5")
and of course one t-shirt

Tools: Sewing machine, iron

I wanted the shirt to match the pants so I cut from the same fabric a heart.

Lay your fabric heart on heat and bond and trace and cut out.

I wanted a ribbon around the heart...
So I placed ribbon, heat and bond and heart on shirt...

Use heat and bond by following manufacturers instructions.

Now the part to get the ribbon around the hem/waist of the shirt...
My Ribbon was Antique Ivory and 1.5" wide (3,8 cm) 

I like using my 1/4" seam foot. 
I sewed along the right side of the shirt the ribbon all along the hem making a casing.
Leaving a small opening where the ends of the ribbon will meet.

I took a wide elastic to fit through the casing and pulled the elastic through.
I pulled 1 yard (I wanted a large bow) of ribbon also through the same casing and tied in a bow.

This is what I did on another shirt:
I skipped the elastic part and used two different satin ribbons.

I gave it a try remember the cute pink tea shirt that I dyed in Passion Tea (click to get there), to later redo it by using Raspberry Tea? Okay I left it overnight and this is what happened.

 Oh wow! looks pretty good... (I thought)

First thing I can tell you is I made a big mistake already by leaving it in a pan that was way too small.
I thought that a smaller pan would be better and the tea would be more concentrated.... WRONG.
The top of the shirt had wrinkled because there was not enough room in the pan... and I neglected to stir it every once in a while so the wrinkles in the shirt were more dyed than other parts in the shirt.
Cool if you are looking for a Hippie Flower Power style...But that was this time not the style I looked for.
That is more for my oldest daughter.

So I took a good look at the shirt, tried not to show to my girls that I was a bit nervous because the shirt had turned a weird kind of blue look too upset, but I could hear my girls behind me telling me that I should not have tried to mess with something that was GOOD.

I rinsed the shirt with warm water. Stayed still kinda calm. I went and grabbed the laundry detergent. Hoping I would be able to maybe do a quick fix it.

Well, I guess the Stash tea did not set and washed right out. The shirt was white once again! How is that possible? If I spill tea on my shirt/blouse (thanks kids!) It always stays. I can't even get it out if I wanted it too.

So I rummaged through my fabric paints and dyes and found the solution. No I shall not have more tea today!
I started to fill a huge pan with Hot water and added the Rose (pink) dye. Thank the Lord that I decided (this time) to put a little test fabric in first. 

This was a little the Pink for my likes.

I did not want to throw it all down the drain so I decided to add some very Dark Brown.
I just added a little to the pink dye.
Another test fabric and I was so happy when I saw the right color.
Many Thanks to my Art teacher in elementary school! 
She taught us about making your own colors.

It came out just perfect.
This time I did not want it to bleed and run out so I decided to use a Dye Fixer.

That one is highly recommended. I left it in for 20 min. washed it out tossed the shirt in the dryer.
And this is the result.

I really like it.
I do feel a tad bit disappointed that my tea experiment did not quite turn out the way I had hoped.
And I was so excited and hoped to share this great tea experience with you.
If you have any advise on how to do this tea thing, for me let me know... I dye to know. (lol)
For now I am happy that my Keturah still/again has a very stylish shirt to match her new pants, but I would have preferred to dye it with a more natural product and something I always have in my kitchen. 

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