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For the very first time published in a wonderfully beautiful digital magazine...
The Parisienne Farmgirl - Right up my alley! Everything for the country gal at heart even for those that live in the suburbs! Somewhere we are all a little bit of a country gal!
I live in So Cal. in the country but daydream of a life at the beach, but I do love the Country side very much where I  so often feel inspired by all that surrounds us!
But please allow me to show you here a tad bit of...
If you have a subscription to this beautiful super thick digital magazine you will be able to find my work published in the Parisienne FarmGirl magazine Summer/Ete edition! On the pages 18,19,20,62 and 74!

You can subscribe to this beautiful digital magazine by clicking on the flipbook! And... for this issue you will find my work on pages ..,.., and .. Enjoy!

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